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Punk Rock Chick T-Shirt Design
Azteca T-Shirt Design
Batman T-Shirt Design
TEO - spike TVs "halfpint brawlers" wrestling suit
Tropical Frower  Design
Gene Simmons T-Shirt Design
Army Infantry Custom Sweat Shirt Afghanistan 
Kimbo Slice Design
Harley Davidson T-Shirt Design
Jimmi Hendrix T-Shirt Design
Dark Knight Joker Design
Leather Vest Private Commission
Scarlette JoHansen Pillow Case (Airbrushed)
jack skelengtion Vans . 2009
la Santa Muerte , Black Dress
Meztiiso Azteca , Private Commission  2009
Leather Vest Private Commission
Gene Simmons sweatshirt. 2009
Leather Vest Private Commission
mean green skully
Amor Heart design. 2009
graffiti T-shirt. NICHOLAS. 2009
sweater design. 2009
Crazy Clown T-Shirt Design
Jack Skelington T-Shirt Design
 Dead Head T-Shirt Design
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Easy Rider Bike show Leather Banner. 2012
Custom Leather airbrush. Native American Show. Arizona. 2011
t-shirt 5xl
Sins of the Father. Custom Airbrush / Leather. 2011
Meztiso. 2013
Considered by many to be one of the best airbrushers to date Marco helped pioneer the media to main stream outlets by first opening "AIRTIME Airbrushing at Woodmar Mall in the early Nineties. Then evolving from airbrush wearables to automotive applications.